COVID-19 has changed the delivery of manpower services in the Philippines and an HRIS is the solution providers need to adapt.

Like other businesses, manpower services in the Philippines were also dealt with several challenges because of COVID-19.

The pandemic and the health and safety restrictions that followed it caused businesses to shift to a work-from-home environment. Moving to remote operations also forced businesses to rethink their resources and technology.

Before the pandemic, HR professionals assessed candidates by their capabilities. However, due to changes in the work environment, they had to change their talent discovery and acquisition strategies.

Businesses now also consider soft skills along capabilities. In particular, whether employees can function even while working remotely. Aside from finding the best fit to help achieve their strategic goals, businesses also reconsidered their digital strategies.

Businesses also implemented virtual recruiting, onboarding, and training processes in compliance with of travel restrictions. In-person interviews were completely eliminated. Hence, businesses had to adopt recruiting automation tools and leveraged online recruitment platforms.

In addition, businesses resorted to providing online training and development courses to upskill their employees. Web-based skills training also gave employees the flexibility to complete learning courses at their own pace. Thus, giving them more control to manage their work-life balance.

Moreover, automation tools have helped reduce the cost and time spent in the traditional hiring process. Recruiting automation tools also enabled businesses to optimize the recruitment and onboarding process. Automation tools also allowed businesses to boost the employee experience and expectations.

manpower services philippines hris

How can Manpower Services in the Philippines benefit from HRIS?

Even before the pandemic, businesses were already experiencing difficulty finding the right candidates and filling critical positions. In fact, a 2019 study by CareerBuilder found that 50% of HR managers in the US cannot find qualified candidates for their open positions.

Moreover, a 2020 survey by CareerBuilder, found that the pandemic has created an imbalance in available roles. According to the survey, ¼ of job seekers in the US couldn’t find job in their field. In addition, they found that 35% of job seekers will turn down offers for non-remote work.

The pandemic clearly had an impact not only on the way we work but also on the way we build our workforce. Hence, manpower services agencies face an even bigger challenge than HR professionals in finding qualified candidates.

In order to optimize their processes, manpower services agencies in the Philippines should reconsider using automation tools such as an HRIS, particularly for: 

1. Recruitment

An HRIS solution not only streamlines your recruitment process, but also increases the quantity and quality of applicants.

Manpower services agencies can reduce the recruitment process by up to 25% percent and the recruitment costs by up to 95%.

HRIS solutions can also help you store and manage all your candidates’ information in one system. You can even integrate your HRIS with your corporate recruitment website to create digital candidate profiles automatically.

2. Selection

From receiving and collating all the candidate information, your HRIS can also filter the most qualified candidate for the job.

You can configure your HRIS solution to identify the candidates with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities. Hence, you can find the best fit for your client’s strategic goal and reduce the time spent on the selection process.

Most HRIS solutions are cloud-based, thus giving you ease of access to candidate profiles anywhere you are. This also enables manpower services agencies to share candidate information easily for faster selection and approval.

3. Training and Development

HRIS solutions can also be integrated with your online testing platform. Thus, enabling you to map your candidates’ scores from web-based selection tests.

You can easily see the results of your candidates’ online selection tests and identify their weak areas. This also helps you assess the validity of your selection tests and identify rooms for improvement.

HRIS solutions can also be integrated with online learning and skills development platforms and tools. Thus, you can keep track of your employees’ training and development. Moreover, you can give them the flexibility and control over their learning process.

4. Performance Management

HRIS solutions also enable manpower services agencies to collect employees’ performance information automatically.

Monitoring the performance of the workforce you deploy is critical in conducting performance appraisals and assessments. Access to employee KPIs can and real-time data can help in the delivery of objective and valuable performance appraisals.

An HRIS also enables you to generate employee performance reports for the full evaluation period automatically. This not only optimizes the performance appraisal process, but also enables managers to determine areas for training and development.

5. Compensation

Payroll calculation is one of the areas of HR that was automated first. Nowadays, almost all businesses have implemented a payroll calculation software to reduce the time spent during pay runs.

An HRIS also ensures that salary computations are error free and up to date with ever changing labor tax laws. Thus, helping you avoid the extra time and cost to resolve compensation and tax issues.

HRIS solutions also enable manpower services agencies to store employees’ salary data. Thus, helping managers plan incentives or salary increases for each employee. Further, advanced HRIS solutions can also be integrated with e-wallet applications for automatic salary disbursements.

6. Benefits

Along with payroll, computation of employee benefits was also automated early on.

Because of the increasing costs of health and pension plans, the rate of employee benefits costs is also growing. Hence, like payroll, labor laws are also changing the requirements for employee benefits administration.

An HRIS solution can ensure manpower services agencies are always up to date with new legislation on employee benefits. In addition, an HRIS also provides employees access to digital payslips. This enables them to keep track of their benefits better.

manpower services philippines hris
How can Hurey help?

Hurey is the most scalable HR and Payroll application in the Philippines.

To help businesses better, Hurey has expanded its automation services to include recruitment, selection, and onboarding process. Hence, manpower services agencies in the Philippines can now enjoy end-to-end HR and payroll automation from a sophisticated HRIS.

Automating your HR and payroll with Hurey gives you more time to help businesses build their ideal workforce. Further, you can add more value to your services and offer more strategic HR planning advice to your clients.


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