During the last several months, the pandemic kept forcing businesses to adapt in order to keep up with the unpredictable nature of today’s global market. In addition, workforce agility in not only different manpower agency in the Philippines is now centered on finding the optimal combination of staff and technology, especially with the use of HRIS solution.

It’s no secret that employees are the key to a successful business. However, in order to build a resilient and agile workforce, your staff should always be ready to adapt quickly. Especially with the changing requirements and demands of the job.

But how can you keep your employees productive and your Manpower Services agency in the Philippines thriving in the time of a pandemic?

Here are three simple ways:

manpower agency in the Philippines

Take good care of your employees

This may seem like stating the obvious. However, labor markets are largely unprepared for what the economists dubbed as the ‘Great Resignation’. As a result, there is an ongoing trend of employees leaving their job despite the high unemployment rate caused by the pandemic.

In 2020, a survey conducted by Microsoft revealed that a staggering 40% of workers around the world are considering leaving their employers. In addition, 37% of the global workforce says that their companies are asking too much of them during a time when everyone is struggling. Despite the High productivity ratings, the Microsoft survey also revealed that there is underlying workplace exhaustion. Moreover, one in five respondents says that their employer doesn’t care about work-life balance. 

It doesn’t seem so obvious now, does it?

Here are a few ways to take good care of your employees:

• Offer to help them, both professionally and personally

It is a good practice to separate your personal and professional lives. However, it is still undeniable that these two are bound to overlap. As a matter of fact, problems at home can lead to poor productivity, and vice versa. Furthermore, having a problem in one area of a person’s life significantly affects their performance on the other.

Apart from helping them, employees will feel valued and well-taken care of in the organization. Thus, this leads to a healthier working condition.

• Recognize their achievements

The typical monthly and annual recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover. Although not a lot, this is significantly lower than having no program at all. Hence, managers can take it up a notch by sparing the time for a small celebration to congratulate their employees for a job well done.

Additionally, this helps them take pride in what they do, track career progressions, and makes them feel valued and recognized by the managers.

Thus, the Gallup Organization listed additional benefits of employee recognition, such as:

  • increase their individual productivity,
  • increase engagement among their colleagues,
  • are more likely to stay with their organization,
  • receive higher loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers, and
  • have better safety records and fewer accidents on the job.

• Provide constructive criticisms

One of the biggest reasons employees quit their job is due to bad managers. In fact, a manager who continuously berates an employee for poor performance and mishaps without offering to come up with a solution or concrete Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) will only result in a poor work environment. Consequently, this eventually leading to resignation.

Thus, extending your patience and understanding that everyone is having a hard time during this pandemic should always be kept in mind when providing constructive criticisms to your employees. 

Hybrid Work Setup with HRIS

Encourage time offs

Some may argue that having a time off is counter-intuitive in building a productive workforce. However, a well-rested soldier is more effective on the battlefield than a worn and weary one. Since this pandemic has taken a heavy toll on many, both organizations and individuals alike, it is vital to keep your manpower agency in the Philippines productive. Thus, you should encourage your employees to use their leave credits and take a time off to replenish their energies.

Here are three ways to encourage employee time offs:

• Make it a part of company culture

Company culture refers to the attitudes and behaviors of a company and its employees. As a matter of fact, it is clear in the way an organization’s people interact with each other and the values they hold. Additionally, this is also reflected by the decisions the organization makes.

Naturally, the modern-day hustle culture frowns upon taking vacation leaves and time off from work. However, workers who achieve work-life balance prioritize their health above anything else. Moreover, vacation shaming among employees should be discouraged and taking responsible vacation leaves should be promoted instead.

• Take your own time off

Another way to encourage time off is to lead is by example. Encourage your employees to take time off by taking it yourself. Besides this, you can create a clear set of instructions or guidelines for employees to follow when taking a vacation.

Additionally, set an availability schedule during your time off, inform your team, and stick with it. Also, you can tell your employees about your vacations to promote a positive viewpoint within the company regarding vacations. Hence, employees are more likely to follow when company policies demonstrate their company’s support.

• Prepare your team

Time offs are a great way to encourage employees to expand their job capabilities. In fact, job enlargements allow employees to expand their skill set. Also, this reduces the monotony of work, and cover for co-workers who are taking time off.

In addition, increasing work flexibility makes your workforce more resilient. Thus, keeping them agile and able to adapt to these changing circumstances. 

Hurey + Xero Integration

Automate your Manpower Services agency in the Philippines

With the continuous evolution of technology in the world of business, it is borderline absurd to keep on doing repetitive work when a machine can do it in a matter of minutes with similar, if not better, quality output. Now, having the aid of technology will significantly reduce in the human error factor in your manpower. Moreover, allocating your valuable resources to redundant and dull tasks is a waste of time and money. Aside from not using your workforce’s full potential, you are also risking fatigue and burnout that will significantly reduce your employee’s morale.

Thus, there is a need for you to streamline your operations with an HRIS solution. For a manpower agency in the Philippines, opting to incorporate the use of technology reduces and simplifies the repetitive process. This leaves your employees with more time and energy to tackle demanding tasks effectively.

In our previous article, we’ve listed and discussed a few particular benefits of using HRIS for Manpower Services, such as:

• Recruitment

Simplify the compilation of your candidates by automatically integrating your HRIS solution with Recruitment websites for your Manpower Services agency.  

• Selection

Another is that you can streamline your selection process with a cloud based HRIS. This will allow you to easily access candidate information. 

• Training and Development

Furthermore, it will give you easier access and facilitate the training of an employee to determine areas for improvement and success.

• Performance Management

Lastly, keep track of performance metrics and aid in the delivery of objective and useful performance assessments, access to employee KPIs, and real-time data.


How can Hurey help?

Keep your business thriving in these trying times by keeping your most valuable asset well-taken care of. With Hurey HRIS solution, you can minimize the monotony of work. Thus, keeping them ready to perform at work with or without the help of a manpower agency in the Philippines. 

Hurey is the most scalable HR and payroll application in the Philippines. It is built to act as your partner in taking care of the stars of your business by automating, simplifying, and streamlining the HR and payroll processes.

Book a demo now and start enjoying the benefits of using an HRIS for your business. 


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Hybrid Work Setup with HRIS

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