Automating business processes have helped companies around the world increase their productivity and grow their business. However, in their bid to optimize income generating tasks, some companies in the Philippines have overlooked the need to automate HR and payroll.

The global economy is transforming rapidly. The rise of new technology and tools for innovation has allowed businesses around the world to optimize their processes. However, most businesses in the Philippines are still using manual processes for their human resource management and payroll.

HR and Payroll have always been considered as some of the most tedious tasks in any business. Both involve a lot of hours doing paperwork, particularly during cut-off periods for payroll. HR teams also often find themselves stuck doing administrative tasks instead of more strategic human resource planning. 

In the Philippines, while companies embrace new technologies to grow their business, they are still reluctant to automate HR and Payroll. What some companies fail to see is that HR functions have also evolved.

HR teams are no longer limited to recruitment, timesheet and leave management, and performance appraisal processes. Nowadays, they are also in charge of nurturing employer-employee relationships and providing an office culture that allows employees to grow. 

Why use Hurey to automate your HR and Payroll?

automate hr and payroll Philippines

Hurey is the most scalable HR and Payroll application in the Philippines. It allows companies to automate HR and Payroll processes easily. Hence, they can effectively reduce repetitive manual tasks and free up their HR team.

With Hurey, you can also increase the efficiency of your HR team by giving them more time to focus on planning and strategizing to help grow your business.

Hurey can also help your HR team track, measure, and analyze your employees’ performance better. It provides insights to your employees’ productivity and also lets you set new KPIs aligned with your business goals.

In addition, Hurey lets your HR team experience a headache-free timesheet and leave management process. You can easily track your employees’ time in and out, incurred late time ins, leave balance, and absences.

Moreover, you can automatically set holiday and offset schedules. Hence, your HR team can have a faster and more accurate payroll calculation and recording process.

Indeed, Hurey’s features can help companies in the Philippines streamline and automate their HR and Payroll process. As a result, you can empower your HR Team to help your employees and the company to grow.

Also, Hurey is a cloud-based HR and Payroll platform. Storing your data in the cloud not only gives you better data security, but also allows your data to go wherever you go. Moreover, with your HR and Payroll information in the cloud can collaborate better with HR Teams from other branches.

Interested? Book a free demo now and start automating your HR and Payroll. 


and start automating your HR and Payroll.

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