With the continuous advancements in the technology used for work, especially in the Human Resource Department, many believe that implementing hybrid work setup with HRIS will pave the path to a successful compromise. However, this work setup requires major adjustments in your organization, which can be made easier with the help of a good Human Resource Information System. But how?

As everyone tries to embrace the ‘new normal’ setup after the numerous waves of COVID-19 surges, specific approaches are being introduced to the different aspects of our lives. Schools are now open, everyone is finally welcome to visit public spaces, and restrictions are finally being lifted.

In the professional setup, the Fiscal Incentives Review Board (FIRB) released a directive for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies to return to on-site work last April 1, 2022. This was frowned upon and called out by different worker groups and lawmakers in various statements urging the board to reconsider their decision.

Hybrid Work Setup with HRIS

You can accomplish a mountain of tasks for your company with a good HRIS! There is an endless list of benefits and here are only some:

Manage Employee Information

HR professionals in the past used to be troubled by the endless paperwork they had to accomplish within a limited amount of time. Not only that, but they were also expected to sort and store every employee information that was passed unto them to ensure that everything is safe and secure.

With an HRIS, the necessary data given by both current and prospective staff can be uploaded to a cloud system that only specific individuals or departments have access to. It would be easier to find files as per company practice, and even for compliance. This also allows employers to review every applicant’s file thoroughly and select the best person for the job post.

Furthermore, a good HRIS can be used in onboarding processes, which lessens the paperwork new hires must accomplish on their first day.

Empower Workers

Having an HRIS will give workers the ability to feel more empowered because the program allows a better user experience for everyone in the using the system. Moreover, they can have access to the goals they have finished, KPIs, and even show their performance with a specific parametric. This also helps managers tailor different training courses for specific employees and decide which one is fit to be promoted.

Additionally, an HRIS can keep records of any disciplinary action taken against an employee, which helps in filing cases for termination or looking for opportunities for improvement.

Reduce Redundant Meetings

One disadvantage of the hybrid setup is the excessive meetings. Because there are days when employees work from home and when they must report to the office, bosses frequently convene large meetings where only the same topics are discussed.

Inside the HRIS, organizations can customize a section or page of the system for announcements. As well as create a feed for posting notices, filing requests, and checking other information in the database.

That way, employers could determine which departments have been notified, which employees need to be checked, and even identify if there is already a response to the announcement.

Make Data-driven Decisions on Hybrid Work Setup with HRIS

Another noteworthy feature of an HRIS is that you can choose what you want to see in your software. Some systems focus on simply integrating every document, while some include predictive analytics, such as forecasting and modelling of data from the logged information.

With the help of the projected data, you can make more crucial decisions for your company. This reduces the work done by professionals when creating reports and gathering data. Since the manual administrative work is lessened, you can make plans for identifying losses, what to do next, and what can be modified in a timely manner.

Ensure Compliance

Something that drags the process of any paperwork ensures every aspect of the document is complete. This includes all the necessary information and the necessary forms of attachment. Since employees need to fill out and check each document for submission, they tend to take days before filing each compliance requirement.

This is not a problem with HRIS since the software automates form completion and verifies the validity of the forms to be filed. An HRIS also keeps up to date with new regulations and shows which forms should be submitted together. It can also have a digital signature feature to streamline the gathering of approvals from various signatories regardless of where they are.

The future of workplace setup

Lockdowns due to COVID-19 made people reflect and spend more time with their family, peers, and even themselves. For a generation who wants to optimize their time, the hybrid model is surely necessary since this allows people to adjust easily. Not only that, but they can also work from home and onsite, depending on the employer’s demands. In the increasingly complicated employment landscape, this strategy will help firms attract individuals who reside further away while upholding a person’s sense of belonging and team spirit.

Since HR is one of the cores of any functional working environment, there is a demand for the best programs that will help the company become even more productive. Hence, there is a need to integrate current technology with good information software that would cater to the needs, goals, and wants organizations have set.

Together with a good human resource information software, this is the future of the workplace. 

Hybrid Work Setup with HRIS

How can Hurey help?

Those are just some of the key features of HRIS that you can have in your organization!

With Hurey, you are free to tailor your cloud-based HRIS app with all the features necessary to increase efficiency. From simple file keeping to the complex data analyzer and predictor, you can have all that you need in one centralized system.

What are you waiting for?

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Hybrid Work Setup with HRIS

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