Every organization has its own set of people, plans, and systems—all of which contribute to the company’s distinct strategic advantage. However, the growth in the market brought by different factors ushers a lot of competition. With the constant developments, industries aim to offer employment positions for people who are deemed qualified to fill them, providing a large pool of options for both job searchers and employers. Let us help you in choosing your company HRIS.

Since the hybrid work setup is now considered a norm, one major effect the pandemic has on the economy and workplace culture itself, companies are trying to engage in the digital transformation and telecommuting of their businesses. Hence, Human resources have shifted its focus from people administration to people operations and strategy, a trend that acknowledges administrative labor while creating a positive experience for the employees.

Hence, the need to connect actively with workers, customers, and others makes it difficult for businesses to strike a balance between meeting corporate goals and needs while also providing a strong experience for everybody. As a result, more are trying to stay on top of their game with the help of a Human Resource Information System for the past years.

HRIS and its importance

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is the synergy of Human Resources and Information Technology. This encompasses the broad suite of software used in HR that is intended for policy and procedural mandates by the organization, people management, and data tracking, among its other utilization. Also, it is a centralized system that covers most of the HR’s basic tasks, if not everything.

Unlike the basic programs that only focus on accomplishing a minute task, an HRIS tries to optimize the entire company’s system, which prevents unnecessary errors and confusion brought by manual input. Hence, HRIS saves time for employees, as well as the organization, because you are only clicking away from finding an important piece of information. HRIS is also a cost-effective technique for cutting expenses. This is because time is saved through the system, thus making it easier for workers to do their jobs.

Not only that, there are numerous ways in how choosing HRIS helps professionals create more comprehensive and concise data reports which are helpful in coming up with vital decisions for the company. More importantly, HRIS can be easily upgraded so it can keep up with the current technology. Hence, this enables organizations to have an edge over HR processes.

Factors to consider:

1. Your organization

There are numerous options in choosing your company HRIS, all of which can help your company to thrive. First, what you need to do is to recognize what is most fitting for your organization’s needs. Hence, these are what you need to consider before acquiring an HRIS:

Every organization has its own set of objectives, goals, and plans. Before you start searching for an HRIS, you need to know the problems that arise, the issues your HR faces, and other operations that hinder the growth of your company. Then, assess the severity of your problems, then envision the results you wish to achieve. From there, you can take into consideration the culture of your organization. After that, you can have an outline of the major problems and how you can solve them, and the effect you wish to have.

2. Staff size

Keep in mind that not all systems are equally made. In fact, some are designed to cater to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) while others can support large corporations. There are also HRIS that offer standardized software that can serve organizations of varying numbers of employees. However, this poses a slight problem when it does not fit well with the company.

3. Budget

Adopting HRIS packages requires a budget that needs to be well thought out before acquiring one. Thus, you need to consider the maximum number of users that can use the software, and how many can access features for smoother functions. Also, you need to know the extent of the features that are available in your preferred system. Hence, the more complex the system you would want to have, the more expensive it will be. Consequently, this is because developers dedicated more time to trying to design and execute the program for its users. Remember to set a baseline budget and ceiling financial plan because this will benefit you.

4. Company goals and needs

Companies strive to maximize their resources for their growth. So, when organizations try to adopt a new system, they review the overall processes of the HR and how it affects the totality of the company. Since there are different goals and needs for every company, they try to adopt different systems that best suit their wants and objectives. With this in mind, HR tries to examine the available choices and select the top system in achieving the best possible outcome for them.

Choosing Company HRIS

When Choosing Your Company HRIS, it should be:

1. User-Friendly

COVID-19 enabled everyone to be acquainted with technology. But even though years have passed already, some people still find it hard to navigate processes. Also, a good HRIS has an interface that is friendly to its user. This means that it is easy to learn and understand because it aims to provide a good user experience. Consequently, the product you will get depends on the people who will use it. Thus, it will be designed based on the people’s capability to follow the software’s complexity. Additionally, when choosing a good HRIS, it should be organized, has a trouble-free design that allows easier access to tools, features, and options. Moreover, it should also include quick access to commands as well as features your organization requires.

2. Functional

The HRIS that will help your organization achieve the best result will perform the intended behavior of the system. This involves the core tasks, functions, and services the organization offers. Moreover, it improves the efficiency of the employees and minimizes mistakes. Also, it integrates data depending on the strategy and target of the institution. More importantly, it meets and even exceeds the expectations set.

3. Upgradeable

A valuable product is not stagnant. However, there are times when software is upgraded for further fixing, modification, and adaption of new technology, which is done to prolong its survivability in the market. In other words, some enhancements have to be done even after installing the new system. This is done by the developers as part of the evolution the HRIS you will acquire should include, which allows the system to serve its purpose for a long time.

4. Reliable

You need to know the consistency of the system. This includes considering if there are existing technical errors in the HRIS that can be a threat to the operations of your organization. Additionally, you need to find an HRIS that has a reputation for increasing reliability as time passes. Moreover, this can be seen in maintenance and analysis during procurement. Also, it should be flexible, one that can be utilized even in an ever-changing environment.

5. Supports growth and expansion

The best HRIS for your business is one that can promote and support the growth and expansion of your organization. In fact, you can see this based on the offered services, the coverage of the software, and the ability of the HRIS to perform well under growing circumstances.

Choosing Company HRIS

How can Hurey help?

The pandemic brought a big change to the HR processes where technology and manual processes were synergized. This revolutionized the industry, making everything easier with the help of different systems.

With Hurey, you have a reliable cloud-based accounting software that provides unique features and tools that are used for different HR tasks which include the integration of data, bookkeeping, and tax compliance among its other features. Not only that, it includes the tools that could help your business grow while keeping your information safe.


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