As technology becomes more interwoven into our daily business practices, the need to increase efficiency, especially in HR, continuously rises. However, notions about bots taking over the workforce are often heard. Moreover, the introduction of HRIS features created the impression that soon, machines will become more effective in doing the job of HR professionals. But in the continuously changing HR field, there is a need to improve HR productivity with an HRIS.

Since there is a wide range of benefits presented by HR automation, HR personnels became adamant to welcome this change. Hence, does this change really pose a threat to the HR field?

Improve HR Productivity Easily With A Powerful HRIS

HR and Automation

Improve HR Productivity Easily With A Powerful HRIS

Contrary to common belief, the future of HR is bright. In fact, HR professionals are more likely to work more efficiently because of automation. Additionally, there is no threat that machines will replace HR, as HRIS was created with the purpose of helping them. A study also noted that instead of destroying careers, automation will transform them, creating at least 12 million more jobs by 2025. 

Furthermore, automated systems reduce delays and inefficiency that are brought by tedious processes, which are common in HR. Moreover, HR automation minimizes repetitive tasks that affect their productivity. In addition, by automating HR processes, administrative costs are cut, and HR can focus on other pressing issues in the workplace. Hence, HR automation can simplify the day-to-day operations of HR. 

Aside from that, HR relies heavily on emotional intelligence in dealing with employees. HR professionals use communication to hold a better grasp of the situation and relate to the issues at hand. Hence, no machine can be on par with the level of psychological and interactive expertise of any human. 

Thus, automation helps the business function while increasing the quality of HR work. 

What HR Functions can Benefit from Automation

This is how to Improve HR Productivity Easily With A Powerful HRIS


One key role of HR in organizations is finding the right people for an open post. This is extremely laborious, as this requires ample time for scanning the applicant’s resume, interviewing, doing background checks, and other company protocols. Hence, having an HRIS will help you do tasks easier. As a result, you can combine mundane tasks like sorting information and applications with strategic decisions based on your interview. 

Moreover, organizations with powerful HR automation provide accessible information about the qualified applicants for a better review. There are also others that help HR professionals evaluate a candidate’s performance based on the job interview conducted. 

Onboarding and offboarding

Every business deals with the onboarding and offboarding of employees monthly. However, the amount of paperwork needed during this process can be overwhelming for both HR and employees. Since this mostly deals with legal paperwork, other organizations automate this process with the help of HRIS. 

Furthermore, this is helpful, as the system collects and stores the documents and helps conduct exit interviews. Most HRIS also allow HR to create a profile for every employee. Moreover, this profile can be edited by the person who owns it, and when they part ways with the company, HR can easily delete the profile.


To keep your business running smoothly, it is important that you comply with statutory requirements. Additionally, this includes filing taxes and dealing with government contributions. An HRIS will provide the documentation that will help your business remain compliant. Moreover, the system will assure you that every piece of information is accurate and demonstrates strict compliance with the laws.

Improve HR Productivity Easily With A Powerful HRIS

To Improve HR Productivity Easily With A Powerful HRIS

Performance management

To help employees align their performance with the goals of the organization, annual performance management is conducted by HR. During this, different employee activities like timesheet tracking and leave management are reviewed. Alongside this, the HR staff also evaluates employee milestones for performance appraisals.

In fact, automating these processes allows HR to standardize the entire process, making performance reviews more efficient with faster turnaround time. Furthermore, this eliminates bias associated with manual performance management. Hence, a powerful HRIS system can help HR conduct better reviews. This will also increase the productivity of the business and improve employee morale.

Payroll management

An HR process that is extremely susceptible to mistakes is payroll management. In doing payroll, HR must compute the days worked, then combine the other factors that influence the net pay. These include overtime, sick or vacation leave, undertime, or tardiness. Aside from that, HR personnel must also compute the deductions for government taxes and contributions.

In most cases, manual payroll computations lead to the under- or overpayment of some employees. When this happens, disputes involving HR are filed, further pending the progress of HR. However, with HR automation, the system can accurately track and calculate every activity of the employee. Additionally, the system can produce timekeeping reports, which simplifies the verification of employee activities for HR.

HR analytics

Aside from dealing with company issues, HR is also responsible for handling vast amounts of data that requires thorough analysis. This can be either simple or complex. The basic ones are keeping track of the number of active employees. Meanwhile, complicated tasks include gathering information to assess the individual and collective performance of the organization’s workforce. Therefore, it is imperative that HR possesses accurate and precise figures to carry out their duties effectively.

Hence, this data will help the organization improve internal processes and know how well the business is performing with its employees. With powerful HR automation, there will be an easier time for systematic identification and analysis of people drivers.

Employee requests

As mentioned, HR has a lot on their plate already. This means that having to verify every employee request will only add to their pile of work. Not only that, but this is a repetitive task that can be finished in minutes instead of days.

Thus, having a system that automates this HR function will help your business create a better employee experience. Also, this will increase the quality of communication between employees and direct supervisors. Hence, introducing automation will create better confidence towards the management.

Implementing HR Automation

True enough, the rapid development of technology and automation is somewhat intimidating.

However, the reason people think HR automation is scary is that of a wrong impression that it will replace humans. Additionally, many are under the false impression that automation is a competition that will eventually dominate the world. Therefore, they fail to recognize its true purpose, which is to assist employees in completing their tasks more efficiently.

Thus, when introducing automation, especially in HR functions, it is vital to highlight its main purpose. You need to know that automating HR systems is integrating helpful business tools. However, they are not the solution to every problem concerning HR. Hence, you need to be clear that it is to help HR save effort and time, reduce costs, and optimize performance. That way, you can embrace this change with an aligned goal in mind.

A Powerful HRIS that will Improve Your HR Productivity

Improve HR Productivity Easily With A Powerful HRIS

As society moves further into the digital world, you need to realize that the fear of HR automation will only hinder the goals of your business. You cannot compete with cutting-edge technology while maintaining traditional processes. Hence, you need to find the right partner that will help you automate HR workflow without hassle.

Being the most scalable HR and payroll app in the Philippines, Hurey can help you achieve no matter what your business goal is. This powerful HRIS will help you automate different HR functions, depending on your business needs. Aside from that, Hurey has a 24/7 support service to help you with questions and concerns you may have.

It is an HRIS for all, with a system that intends to help your business and take care of your people.

Improve your HR productivity with a powerful HRIS now!

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