Using HRIS to increase employee retention is an immense advantage of businesses, especially now that over 100 million people have already left their jobs since The Big Quit emerged in 2021.

Although this phenomenon has various contributing factors, having an excessive workload paired with a low salary remains as some of the top reasons workers quit. With a high resignation rate, HR personnels need more time to process offboarding paperwork. Alongside this, are internal responsibilities in the company they must accomplish. Hence, this situation further disrupts the company operations.

As a solution to this problem, businesses turned to HRIS to increase their employee retention rate.


how HRIS increase employee retention

Here are the reasons:

1. Announcements Made Easy

One conflict that frequently arises in the workplace is the lack of communication between the management and the team. Because of the lengthy list of things that need to be done, a delay in relaying information usually occurs.

When employers fail to inform employees about important internal movement within the company that directly affects them, it fosters an unfavorable attitude towards the management. Sometimes, this results in disputes, or worse, resignation.

With an HRIS, you can quickly and easily send out announcements to all employees. It is an effective way of keeping them informed about new products or services, developments, and any relevant information.

Moreover, using HRIS to provide information shows that the business appreciates each employee and has a voice in corporate decisions. In addition, ensuring that all recipients received the announcement through an integrated system is an effective use of HRIS to increase employee retention.


2. Zero Waiting Time  

Nobody likes to be on the waiting list for a long time. That is why workers try their best to finish tasks within a specific time frame. However, that is not the case with managers and HR professionals who always have a handful of tasks. As a result, an employee’s request might not always be the priority or, in some cases, overlooked. This instance results in extended waiting periods for request approval that can last hours, or even days.  

Not only that, the situation can create a feeling of unfairness, particularly if such happens regularly, as employees may believe that the management does purposely set aside their requests. 

With an HRIS, making employees can make sick, vacation, or emergency leave requests or any matter they need with little to no waiting time because the system will immediately notify direct supervisors regarding the request, together with any information they might need, before granting it.  

Aside from that, employees can also access to view and manage their professional information that they can update anytime, which significantly decreases the time HR allots for clerical tasks.

3. Real-Time Activity Updates 

Wages, pay raises, overtime pay, and benefits have an immense influence on an employee’s decision to stay in a company. Giving a clear understanding of the compensation package is a major plus for businesses.

Even though disputes regarding this matter occur from time to time, when you cannot address this situation in the fastest manner possible, distrust within the staff and the management can happen. 

Acquiring an HRIS reduces the likelihood of salary concern arising from happening. With the system, every activity of an employee will reflect on the system in real-time through the integrated cloud-based system. This will give transparency regarding the staff’s activities that affect the increase or decrease in their paychecks.

Not only that, HRIS gives transparent information that employees would like to have access to. They can also make any inquiry, which is an additional benefit in how HRIS increases employee retention.

how HRIS increase employee retention

4. Performance Assistance 

Having an HRIS will enable executives and the HR to spend less time on manual management of performance appraisals. The system automatically generates employee timesheets and offers performance insight for a period with configurable KPIs to help to set goals and targets. 

This system consistently and analytically tracks the performance of the employees to see if they are working effectively towards achieving the target, or if there are aspects in terms of their routine where they can get help. 

An HRIS standardizes the data in the system depending on the individual, department, and organization objectives. This allows a bias-free process and establishes a performance-oriented compensation system and a politics-free appraisal that the staff will appreciate. 

5. Less headache, more work 

By having an HRIS that automates HR processes and delivers user-friendly access to HR functions, it becomes easier to identify potential problems in the internal process of the business.

Additionally, having an HRIS system can help businesses keep track of employee engagement and satisfaction levels. The management can also see other early warning signs of impending turnover and find a solution for it. By using an HRIS to monitor and address these issues proactively, organizations can significantly improve management.

Not only does it reduce the workload of HR personnel in terms of mundane tasks, an HRIS also makes the process hassle-free for a more fruitful performance. 

how HRIS increase employee retention

An HRIS promotes a more efficient process for the organization by having an automated system that streamlines the work of the HR and other staff. Incorporating HRIS into your business boosts productivity and ensures that employees work with fulfillment. When employees stay longer, and company processes are optimized, the departments become productive—leading to a business that thrives. 

Having HRIS can help your business in countless ways, but one of the most important benefits is that HRIS increases employee retention. 

How can HUREY help

Hurey believes that a solid team is the backbone of any successful business. This is the rationale for the system’s strategic design, which aims to reduce the workload of the HR by automating redundant tasks and allowing you to have a cloud-based system where you can store employee information. It is a custom-fit solution to recognize and enhance the talents in your company. 

With Hurey being the most scalable HR and payroll app in the Philippines, your company can readily gain an HRIS for different HR functions that can significantly increase your productivity and make informed decisions based on the accuracy of the data provided by the system. 

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