Businesses, in a way, are similar to a machine. The more well-oiled and well-maintained their parts are, the better it runs. As a result, the Hurey + Xero integration is a seamless solution that allows you to improve your company’s processes.

Consequently, efficiency stands at the core of every successful business. It is also defined as the peak level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output.

With the business landscape continuously changing little by little in between Industrial Revolutions, staying ahead on trends and advancements is the key to beating your competitors.

In order to achieve efficiency, use the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output.

In our last article, we have discussed the use of technology in businesses and how it is borderline absurd to keep on doing dull work when a machine can do it in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, it goes against every company’s goal to achieve peak efficiency.

Hence, streamline your operations by leaving the dull, repetitive tasks to machines. With your freed up time, you can focus on giving core tasks to your human resources. Remember, less amount of input and high amount of outputs.

Here are the key benefits of the Hurey + Xero Integration:

Employee and Payroll Mapping

Map your existing staff or create new profiles to your Xero account with just one click of a button. With this, you can quickly fill and map your payroll data for a precise and timesaving process.

Improved Timekeeping

Post staff timesheets, including late time ins, leaves, and absences. Moreover, proper timekeeping aids in the upkeep of the firm’s policies and helps to avoid unchecked downtimes. It also allows you to handle minor issues before they become more serious. Furthermore, it improves time reporting, review, and sign-off on Xero.

Pay run Generation

Easily adjust your Hurey to make your business process a lot easier for your admin staff. Moreover, quickly create cut-off periods, including attendance, holidays, and pay items for more precise payroll reports. With a better process, your staff can free up time that is often wasted on routine tasks.

Disbursements Monitoring

Keeping a close eye on your company cash flow ensures that the company’s financial situation is closely monitored and kept at a good standing.

Thus, you can keep a close eye on your cash flow with Hurey’s automated updates. It can also keep track of your reimbursements and payables. Moreover, you may access these files at the tip of your fingers anytime since it is readily usable in the cloud.  


Hurey + Xero Integration

Taking care of the stars of your Business

Your employees are generally among the bits and pieces that keep the company going.

In fact, each staff plays their part by doing their job of keeping the firm running. However, your employees aren’t just simple cogs to giant machinery. Thus, they have the potential to grow and expand their skills past their supposed purpose with the right handling.

Moreover, as the head of the business, keep it moving by taking good care of your staff and reducing the factors that could cause stress, friction, and needless workloads that would soon lead to burnout.

How Automation with Hurey + Xero integration eliminates wear for your staff:

Always make use of the available technology. In fact, back in the late 1800s, conveyor belts changed the way factories work. Consequently, this invention drove an enormous increase in staff production by improving work efficiency and cutting physical labor efforts.

Most importantly, automation doesn’t mean replacing people with machines. Right now, it is one of the top industry advances that altered the way businesses around the world work.

Some key benefits of automation with the Hurey + Xero integration are:


Minimize errors and maintain accuracy within your work papers.

Regardless of how well-organized and well-maintained your staff is, it is impossible to eliminate errors. Additionally, anyone can end up making mistakes that could lead to loss of resources such as time and money. With the right technology, you can lessen these risks and correct errors before they cause a huge problem for your organization.

Save time

Staff are paid for the valuable time they offer to the firm. Make sure that it is not lost pushing papers or doing tasks that doesn’t for your business.

Hurey helps your HR staff to process payroll and benefits in just a few minutes, so they can have a stress-free pay period.

By using Hurey + Xero integration, you can get rid of the wasted time spent on repetitive payroll processes. It also allows you to dedicate your staff to focus on high-impact tasks that bring more value to your company. Furthermore, it keeps your staff doing things that promote growth.


When choosing a tool to automate your processes, company culture fit and functionality should be on top of your checklist. Additionally, customizability is a good sign as it means that its functions can be tailored to suit your needs.  

This Hurey feature allows you to set it to meet the unique needs of your company. Moreover, when paired with Xero, it gives a seamless match that allows you to easily set up, monitor, and update your data, among other features.  


Hurey + Xero Integration

Make the most out of your Hurey experience

Technology is an integral part of the ever-growing business industry.

Hurey is the most scalable HR and Payroll app in the Philippines. In fact, automating processes beyond payroll and accounting helps put your business in a strong place against other firms. Moreover, a cutting-edge HRIS for hiring, selection, etc. Also, it adds more value to your organization.

Furthermore, constantly upgrading and improving are key factors in keeping your business agile. It also readies you for the sudden changes in the business landscape. With Hurey, you can keep running your firm in optimal condition and stay ahead of the competition.


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